Why the Electoral College backfired in the 2016 US Election

Why the Electoral College backfired in the 2016 US Election

So we are left with a situation where Hillary Clinton has (according to CNN results) approx. 2.8million more votes than Donald Trump, yet due to the electoral college system we have one of the most hated figures in all of the history of politics.

To make a judgment about the democratic system we first must understand how it works. Each state has a number of electoral votes based on how many members in the House of Representatives and how many Senators that state has. For example the state of South Dakota has three electoral votes, which is the number of senators and representatives it represents in congress. There is a total of 538 electoral votes and a candidate must achieve 270 in order to win a majority along with the presidency. When you vote you elect an elector.

This method of democracy was put in place because the founders of the American constitution did not trust direct democracy. They believed that factions would appear around on the country who would group together and keeping a common interest in mind would violate the rights of other citizens by electing based on greed. In modern-day terms we have seen people try to vote for something because they think it is funny. The thinking of this system when created was that it would stop extremist parties or radical leaders.

As we can see that actually this system is outdated and does not work anymore. First of all it discourages voter turnout. In the 2016 US Election the voter turnout was only 59.3% as opposed to 66.0% in Germany’s general election 2015 where they use a popular vote system. This method of using a non-proportional government dishearten’s voters because they don’t think their vote counts. Moreover, it is frightfully clear that it does not keep radical and extremist leaders out.

The Electoral College was created in order to stop troll votes and extremist leaders coming to power. It is ironic that arguably one of the most extremist leaders that the free world has ever seen has been elected using this flawed system. What is viewed as the democratic paradise of the world has proved once again along with political correctness, that this is not the case. Once again America has shot it’s self in the foot.


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