Why Brexit Followed by Trump?

Why Brexit Followed by Trump?

Whether you supported these two political events or not, these two seemingly very different democratically decided outcomes have a very close tie. The events I am referring to are of course: Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election and Britain choosing to leave the European Union. Arguably these two events have made 2016 one of the most biggest and surprising years in political history. The common link between these two shocking events is that supporters of either of these events gave of an air of anti-establishmentism.

These movements could be considered as a 21st century democratic coup. Particularly the election in the US can be likened to this idea of seizure of power from the turned up nose elites from the Whitehouse. This is indeed how Donald Trump branded his campaign he described it in his victory speech as “not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement”. With the British the referendum which went from being joked about happening to resulting in the the majority choosing Britain to leave the EU, it likewise can be seen as an unlikely people’s revolution which won.

These uprisings have allegedly been in order to target the wealthy ruling elites who are out of touch with the rest of society. ABC News elegently described both these results “as evidence of a disconnect between the ruling elite and the disenchanted and skeptical voters across the electorate”. In the United Kingdom this discontent felt by the general public towards establishment could be felt in the general election in may 2015 when an extreme minority party came out of no where and received 12.6% of the nation’s votes.

This discontent towards the elite ruling class was forged by lifelong politicians who have no real life experience in anything other than the world of politics. So out of touch it is laughable. Failure to connect with the General public because they lack the ability to step out of their body and identify the problems our country faces.

Another factor to this twisting tale of surprising political events is the resentment towards the idea of globalisation. Both Brexit and Trump promised that these great democratic nations which had once been uniquely powerful and incredibly patriotic, would be restored against the ever increasing flow of globalisation. With the development of the internet and improvement of technology our world has become increasingly connected. It could be said this was at the cost of the destruction of the middle class. So these people who have felt like they were forgotten and are just another mute finally had a chance to allegedly change their life for the better. These people have been striving for an identity in a world which is increasingly the same and globalised.

No matter your opinion on the results of Brexit or the US Presidential election one things certain that both these events are very closely related. Both Brexit and Trump promised the destruction of the global elite and the recognition of these two seemingly great nations. Both these democratically decided political events are unquestionably going to influence the political landscape for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Why Brexit Followed by Trump?

  1. I was shocked after the outcome of Brexit. After it happened, its upset win made me think about the possibilities of a Trump presidency, but Clinton’s high poll numbers pushed this into the very back of my mind. (I do not support the outcome of either event) In order to stop this from happening we need to be aware of the “history repeats itself” sentiment even if it means that history simply only occurred a few months away.

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