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Donald Trump and his growing array of scapegoats

Donald Trump and his growing array of scapegoats

Throughout 2016 we saw an increased blame being placed upon political correctness to support Donald Trump’s radical policies. What we can observe is the emergence of a new phrase used to fuel the raging minds of America, bubbling away like a kettle ready to let of steam when prompted by a easy to understand catchphrase.

Many liberals and supporters of the left actively criticised the republicans use of political correctness as a scapegoat. Whether you believe political correctness is a problem or not it exsists and Donald Trump blames it for quite a lot. Now the target has moved from the worn out and tired policy of political correctness to the emerging problem of “fake news”.

In his first official press conference, Donald Trump raised some eyebrows with his attack on the media. Most notably Trump’s full on frontal abuse that he gave to CNN. The feud all started when CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted to ask a question to President Trump. Trump quickly dismissed the reporter by firing- “Your organization is terrible”. To which Acosta replied with -“You’re attacking us, can you give us a question?”. The President dismissed the issue in his naturally controversial way by saying-“Don’t be rude. No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news”. Very bold statement to say the least from a newly elected President to assault one of the biggest media outlets in America. CNN throughout the electoral race have not been scared by anyone, when it comes to printing. Even from the likes of Donald Trump’s smoking barrel of a mouth. This pummelling of CNN was most likely in response to the allegation it proposed earlier last week. They suggested that Russia contained compromising information about Donald Trump. A collection of 35 pages evidencing his relationship with Russia. I will not detail the report in detail because it has been plastered all over the news. 

Not too mention the fact that this branding of CNN is a step further than hipocracy. Sean Spicer the White House press secretary blasted the press and claimed “That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period”. This claim holds no sort of truth at all. In it’s self is shocking enough to lie about. What’s more is the way Donald Trump treated the CNN reporter and his attitude towards the press in general. 

On the left is the 2017 inauguration and on the right is the 2009 inauguration.

My longwinded point is that clearly Donald Trump is threatened by these claims and hence looks to something to blame or make the enemy. The focus from throwing around the phrase political correctness has evolved to fake news. This helps turn the heat away from himself towards CNN. The Presidents fanatic followers have now have something else to blame every single problem and source of frustration in America on instead of political correctness. Slowly Donald Trump builds up an array of scapegoats ready to use at any given.