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Why political correctness needs a change…

Why political correctness needs a change…

A major reasons why many Americans voted for Donald Trump was his stance on political correctness, this appealed to many middle class voters who felt they had been oppressed and forgotten about among the midst of catering for the flocking number of immigrants. A culture of biting lips and cursing under breath at things rather than raising and standing for what one believes has been created by this monstrosity of a policy. The culture has come about due to a shift towards increasingly incorporating and accepting left wing ideas in more mainstream politics in the US, which for a long time has been a centre right nation.

Political correctness is the act of not voicing your opinion in fear of insulting minorities. On the surface this policy is one which makes a huge amount of sense and could really change things for the better. The term politically correct has only been around in western politics since the start of the 21st century.

The first amendment of the American constitution states the people’s rights to their freedom of speech. The fundamental concept of political correctness conflicts with people’s freedom of speech. Hence we could view political correctness as an idea that infringes on people’s freedom of speech, one of the most significant rights the American people hold. Have we become so naive as a race that we say things just to keep people happy rather than taking a look at the cold hard facts and trying to understand what the issue is. Is it not ironic? One of the most democratically established nations is subjected by an idea which prevents people sharing their views.

Donald Trump has been welcomed and his ideas made seem some what rational because of the sheer frustration of people who have been patronised and antagonised by the prevention of them sharing their political views. This group of people have been politically swept under the carpet by the left, when they pop their head out above the political parapet they get humiliated and called “racist bigots” or ignored completely.

Do not get me wrong there is another type of anti-PC supporter. This type uses this resentment as an excuse to fuel their racist, homophobic and xenophobic ideologies. Some have even gone as far to say that Trump is “rebranding” racism to make it appear acceptable.

Is there a place for political correctness? I personally believe there is a place for it but not as it currently stands. Currently the left too often shame the right for having any opinion other than what they agree with. This has frustrated people and angered individuals who simply want to express their views. The way political correctness plagues politics at the moment, it threatens the integrity of the US democratic system as we know it. Political correctness needs to be changed. We need to make a habit of not forgeting that we owe every single person no matter what colour or creed the same respect. As a democratic society which is becoming increasingly polarised, we should take time to listen and tolerate others views no matter what side of the political spectrum we are on.  However we cannot turn away from the facts and simply call them politically incorrect because they risk offending people. We must stand up for what is right and solve the many disturbing issues America has while not forgetting what democracy stands for.